Acturial Students' Society of Kenya

About Us

Acturial students' society of kenya(ASSK) is registered society with the registrar of societies under the office of the attoney general of Kenya. ASSk was founded in February 2013 as (KASA) Kenya acturial Students Association. KASA was formed through collaboration between acturial students' associations in individual campuses. KASA was formed with major objectives of providing a platform for acturial students to grow academically, professionally and socially by networking with acturial professionals in the industry and fellow acturial students in all campuses in Kenya. KASA changed to ASSK later in the year 2013. ASSK serves as an outreach tool for acturial science students, offer formal and informal aid to our members, enhance cordial relations between students and industry players and avails relevant acturial information. ASSK is non profit society and is committed to improving the quality of acturial profession all over the country and in East Africa through the organization of many events that are socially conscious, academically responsive, and fully sustainable. As a society we host several events like product design competitions, career talks, dinner/cocktail, student outreach programs and Acturial techniques trainings(to mention a few) with an objective to empower prospective actuaries on industry expectations and sensitize them on a real world actuaries practice as an additive to the technical skills they acquire in classrooms. We believe in excellence, integrity and professionalism and work to ingrain a culture that satisfies the global standards of practice among our members.