Kelvin Lanya.

When the Nairobi County government announced that the previously attacked mall was to be reopened, eyebrows were raised all over the scope of the nation. Some saw this as a jeopardized move while at the same time, some see it as the ideal move that will send out the message that terrorism will never prevent this beloved nation of us from reaching greater heights in terms of development in economic and investment sectors.
Back then, who doesn't remember the painful attack in 1998 that claimed lives of many innocent Kenyans when the American Embassy was the talk of town.  For sure, this building has remained a memorial site and the memories of the Embassy will forever stay in the annals of Kenyan history.

More than a century, here we are. Personally I will never forget the attack at the Mall and that’s why when I heard about its reopening, my heart skipped a beat. The love I have for my fellow Kenyans is the major thing that makes me feel this way. It was a painful scenario seeing my beloved brothers held under siege for more than twenty four hours with bullets flying in all directions. As the Westgate mall is reopened, some have already sworn with their hearts to never again step into that mall. Some are also
with their opinions that wherever they set their feet in the mall it will be only for them to sought out their p's and q's and then leave immediately.

All in all, life must move on. Some wise men said “It’s not in how we fail, but in how we rise when we fail."
Therefore as nation, we should not be dragged behind. The reopening is a welcome idea to those interested in investing and move the country forward economically. Thousands of job opportunities are going to be realized as was before with the many stores available in the mall. I have grown to be a lover of economics and when lots of people will be employed, their living standards will be greatly improved.
What’s nice than to see business flourishing in the city. However, it’s always easy when it’s all said than done. For the trust to be restored, security must be beefed up.  Those charged with ensuring continued operating effectiveness of the mall should come up with a plan that will somehow guarantee safety of those visiting the mall. It’s time the country should show the world that nothing will paralyze business in our cities and much more, all our prayers should be towards the heavens that God is going to keep the city safe because, "If God does not watch over the city, those who guard it are doing it in vain.”

Time is the best healer. With loving memories, I see the mall growing up to a successful business center that will generate lots of revenue to the government and also remain a site that this generation will
live remember.

Kelvin Lanya
Multimedia University.