Top Mega Projects in Kenya.

Ebenezer Tobias.

The Kenyan government has been up to a number of projects recently aimed at developing the country. Government projects can be categorized into the following:

  1. Transport projects 
  2. Infrastructure projects
  3. Education projects
  4. Energy projects
  5. Agriculture projects Recreation projects

Some of these projects by the government are proposed while others are continuing projects.  The government has also partnered with other institutions such as World Bank and other diplomatic states to assist in funding and facilitation of the projects.

Transport projects
The government of Kenya has tried as much as possible to improve the transport sector in the country by initiating projects such as Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Development of Lamu Port (LAPSSET) , development of JKIA and construction of Isiolo Airport.

SGR project is the biggest transport project in Kenya. The railway line will be for both passengers and cargo aims to connect Kenya, Uganda., Rwanda and South Sudan.  LAPSSET is also a project in the transport and infrastructure industry also known as Lamu Corridor, when complete it will be the second port corridor other than Mombasa Port.

In the air transport there are projects such as development of JKIA; construction of terminal 4, Greenfield terminal and construction of the second runway.  And the Isiolo project is underway main aim being to provide flights to and from Isiolo.

Infrastructure Projects
These projects are aimed at developing the infrastructure in the country.  A number of these projects include construction of KONZA city, construction of Resort Cities, construction of courts, construction of Kenya school of government and Transformation of KIRDI into a World Class research institute.

The most known KONZA City project is one of the largest of its kind in Africa.  It constitutes the construction of a modern technological city in Kenya which will have modern buildings, roads and equipped with high tech communication and surveillance gadgets. The project will change the lifestyle of people by the use of modern technology. The government has also gone a notch higher by putting up projects which will improve it administration inefficiency level. These types of projects include the construction of courts, Case Management System Project, Performance Management Project Alternative Dispute Resolution and Alternative Judiciary System Projects.

Energy Projects
In the energy sector the government has set up some projects which will be able to increase the production of energy and reduce the cost of electricity. One of the projects in the energy sector is KEPTAP project which aims to strengthen the capacity of the government to manage its petroleum sector for sustainable development impacts.

Installation of wind energy storage facility project in Marsabit and Lake Turkana wind power plans aims at providing 300mw of reliable,  low cost power to Kenya national grid,  equivalent to approximately 20% of current installed electricity regenerating capacity. Also the Alkaria Power Generation project is a major energy project in Kenya which will involve the development of Alkaria I, II, IV and V so as to increase the production of energy.

Agriculture Projects
Kenyan government through the ministry of Agriculture has set up projects aimed at increasing the agricultural products and curbing the evil starvation in the country. Construction of the High Grand Falls Dam project, Asal irrigation project, Livestock Disease project, Fertilizer Cost Reduction project and implementation of agriculture reform Legislation among others are projects initiated by the government in the agriculture sector.

High Grand Falls Dam project is one of the largest in Kenya. It will be the biggest water reservoir covering 96sq kilometers which borders Tana River, Kitui and Tharakanithii counties at Kavukaa area along Tana River. Is also part of 1.5trillion LAPSSET corridor that was launched in the year 2012.

Education Projects

 Education sector projects such as Kenya Primary Education Development project is in place to address key challenges in Kenya primary education as well as wee to provide help to areas not fully covered by other initiatives.

Laptop for School Project of the government is on Moi University and JKUAT University being contracted to produce 1.2million laptops to be used for ICT teaching in primary schools. The project is aimed at digitizing the young students by giving the knowledge on how to use the modern gadgets.

Also the government a project aimed at providing electricity to all public schools in order to create conducive learning environment for students.
Recreation Projects
The ministry of sports and cultural affairs in the country has put up projects which are aimed at promoting the Kenyan heritage and conserving the Kenyan culture. International Sports Academy Project will serve as talent identification and nurturing centers for different regions that will subsequently feed the national level.  The academy will benefit mass sport as well as high performance sport.

Also Regional Stadia project initially targeted this financial year are Mombasa Municipal Stadium and Kipchoge Keino stadium in Eldoret. Other projects include construction of Golf Course, Motor Cross Circuit and Safer Neighborhood projects.

From all these projects we can see that the government has been on the forefront in building the economic, social and political pillars of the country as stated in vision 2030.  Some of the benefits of these projects among others are providing employment, improving living standards of people in the country, promote exports and improving the GDP of the country. Benefits for projects in infrastructure, education and health will often appear in the future or sometimes years after the project has stated.

Ebenezer Tobias

Karatina University